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I had my first QSO with Joe Arcure in February of 1957 when we were both novices. Over the years we had many QSOs and it wasn't until 1988 that we met at the Dayton Hamvention. Joe is one of those people who never sees a stranger and will keep you laughing. This was my first visit to Dayton and I had my wife, Monty along. She was not exactly thrilled about it and stayed in the stands of the main arena reading a book most of the time. That was until I brought Joe up to meet her and she joined us as we walked through the flea market area. She was NOT bored after meeting Joe. He has that affect on people.


Monty & Joe

    Joe & Monty in Flea Market 


In 1979, the CQ DX Awards Committee, voted Joe Arcure to the DX Hall of Fame. It was created as an honor for those very few amateurs who have made exceptional contributions to the DXing hobby. The Committee stipulated that this honor would be reserved for those who have served DX over a long period of time at a considerable personal sacrifice, those who have given their time, energy and resources with no thought of personal gain.

The first DXer elected to the Hall of Fame was Gus M. Browning, W4BPD, the greatest of the worldwide DXpedition operators, who received the honor in November, 1967. The second recipient was the immortal Jack Cummings, W2CTN, the world's premier QSL Manager, in March, 1968.

W3HNK began his career as a QSL Manager in 1963, steadily adding on new callsigns until he passed the 150 mark in mid-1977, at which time it was estimated that he had filled out over 1 million cards for eager DXers. He is now past his second million. Joe is not only a world-class, champion QSL Manager, but a first class operator and DXer in his own right. He holds WAZ, WAC, WAS and has over 320 countries confirmed.. despite the fact that, except for an assist from his XYL Esther, he handles all the cards personally. Believe me, he can fill out cards and talk at the same time !!

He and Esther have been married over 50 years and have 2 sons, Joseph and Paul, ( Joseph passed away of cancer in 1994 ) Joe and Esther live in West Chester, Pennsylvania ( somewhere not far away is the famous BOX 73, Edgemont, PA. ) Joe belongs to the Masonic Order and is employed by the Sun Oil Company (Sunoco) but not for long since he will retire this November.









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